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Slip and Fall Deposition - Car Accident Lawyers Arlington

Slip and Fall Deposition

When a lawsuit is first filed the parties have to start the process with discovery which is when they try and figure out what each person knows about the incident in the subject of lawsuit. During this process the parties take a depositions which is a interview where the questions and answers are recorded and each person is required to tell the truth. If they lie it is considered perjury. If you file a lawsuit claiming to be injured during a slip and fall accident the attorney for the defendant will depose you. Anything about your physical history will be relevant in the falling incident. They will need to know if you have had any epilepsy, high blood pressure, dizziness, or heart problems. Your medical history relevant to your legs and feet. Questions about your vision. If you have the same vision in both eyes, if you wear glasses, when the last time you had your eyes checked, and if you need to wear glasses. Anything and everything about you will be revealed at this time. If you are on any medications at the time of the fall, if your on medications at the current time, and if any of the medications have known side effects. During the process they will look for any information that will prove you at fall for the slip and fall and not the other party.

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